Waikato River Authority Covid-19 response will put strong emphasis on people in next funding round

The Waikato River Authority’s Covid-19 response will be to put a strong emphasis on
projects that will help people in its upcoming funding round, while also remaining
focused on the restoration of the Waikato River and Waipā River.

The Authority Co-chairs Hon John Luxton and Roger Pikia say there is already a co-
benefit from the Authority’s work, in that it also helps people, but this is to be

further emphasised as part of a post-Covid-19 response.
“The Authority is committed to playing its role to support people and communities
as part of its mahi to restore and protect the Waikato River and Waipā River, we
think this is even more important as we deal with the Covid-19 crisis and very
achievable through our annual funding,” says Mr Luxton.
The Authority has earmarked up to $6 million of funding for the 2020 funding round.
Mr Pikia says there are some great examples of social outcomes where past Waikato
River Authority funding has helped grow and sustain communities of people. “We
are now looking to do more of this in the post-Covid-19 era,” says Mr Pikia.
Mr Pikia says the growth of groups such as the Ngati Haua Mahi Trust and Puniu
RiverCare are great examples of capability and employment growth helping large
The Authority says it will, wherever possible, carry on with its funding of projects so
that people can be employed and their well-being, along with that of our waterways,
can be looked after. As always, it expects projects to be undertaken with full
consideration of health and safety.