The Waipā River is the largest tributary to the Waikato River, and the Waipā River catchment covers 306,000 hectares, with 4,852km of mapped stream and river channels.

Sadly, the Waikato River Authority Report Card showed water quality in the main stem and tributaries of the Waipā river recently tested at a level showing drastic need for improvement.

In this video, part one of a two-part series, we introduce The Waipā Catchment Plan. Developed in 2014 by Waikato Regional Council in collaboration with iwi and catchment representatives, the plan's priorities align with those of The Waikato and Waipā River Restoration Strategy, and sets out a roadmap for the protection and restoration for the health and well-being of the Waipā River.
Work is currently being undertaken within priority sub-catchments where it will have the most impact on water quality. In the next video, we talk to local landowners within the Waipā catchment, and find out how the work they are doing contributes to the health and well-being for the Waipā River and it's catchment.